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Hi my name is Gerri. Approximately a month and a half ago I started having trouble with my sciatica. I was in severe pain, a good two weeks I stayed home and suffered. I couldn't stand or sit and had trouble sleeping. There was real serious pain when I tried to get up in the morning. A couple friends suggested that I see a chiropractor. I finally made an appointment to come in and see Doctors at Advanced Health Chiropractic. I had x-rays done and met with him and it was decided the course of treatment that was best for me and he explained that my spine was not in very good condition. We started treatment and during the first week by the second treatment I actually began to feel some relief. The second week I was about 80% to feeling better and could actually start doing some of my normal daily routines again. The third week I would say the pain almost completely subsided. I just had some tingling in my left leg and foot. By the fourth week, I am basically pain free.

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Gerri G.

I have been in the Army for 14 years. I've been a parachute infantryman, a desk jockey and now I'm a leadership instructor. After years of rigorous training and hunching in front of computers I found my body falling apart. Doctors at Advanced Health Chiropractic are very professional staff have been able to take me from not being able to run and do sit-ups to being as bouncy as a 19 year old. Chiropractic has literally saved my career.

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Isaiah V. (Military)

There are not enough good things I can say about Advanced Health Chiropractic. The whole group of folks that work here are so kind. The Doctors are like family. I find myself thinking how I have gone so many years without all of the help. I think so highly of this group that I have spread the word to my whole unit at Camp Parks. Between the comfort, price, and knowledge there is not a better practice ANYWHERE. Love you guys!

Auto Accident Injury Livermore
Mitch K. (Military)

Hi, my name is Nazmin and I was referred here (Livermore Auto Accident Injury Clinic) by one of my family members. I have been having low back pain since I was a child which is about 20 years. Also, I have been suffering from sciatic pain that goes down my leg and I have been in pain with that along with my low back pain. This year has been really bad. I couldn't do anything without taking pain killers. I went to the doctors, physical therapy, (received) an epidural injection. None of them has helped. It comes back. It would help me a little then come back. I was referred here and just within two visits, I feel great. I am able to drive by myself. I use to have my husband or dad bring me to the first two visits. Now, this is my third visit and I am able to drive by myself and this is an hour and half drive. I keep coming here to have my back better.

Auto Injury Treatment Livermore
Nazim A.

Hi, my name is Shawndrea and I came here (Livermore Auto Accident Injury Clinic) because I was having issues with carpal tunnel, numbness, and tingling in my hands. I haven't been coming here that long, but the short time that I have been coming here; a lot of my symptoms have subsided. I feel a lot better. (I am) not having to take medication and have been trying to avoid surgery. This is something that has really helped and I am seeing a lot of improvement.

Auto Accident Injury Livermore

Hi my name is Dan. Last December, I had surgery to relieve impingement on my right shoulder and I had some lingering pain. I've gone through physical therapy and got steroid injections. It was still stiff and sore for months afterwards. Seven to eight months later, I was able to work out, but not to level I was previously. At the end, the soreness was not going away. I decided to try chiropractic. I looked up chiropractic offices on Yelp. I found Advanced Health Chiropractic. I went in and got the full x-ray and body screening. They performed adjustments on me and probably three to four weeks later, my shoulder started feeling a lot better and it has continue to improve along the way. I am back at the gym and working out better than I was even before the surgery. I am just feeling great!

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Dan S.

Hi, my name is Kristina and I started seeing Doctors at Advanced Health Chiropractic about four months ago. I was having severe neck pain and it was debilitating. I am only 31 years old. He helped me tremendously and my neck pain is pretty much gone. Also, I could not get pregnant for 3 years and I just found out I'm pregnant a week ago. He told me to give him three months and it is almost three months to the day that I got pregnant.

Auto Accident Injury Livermore

Hi, I'm Jeffrey and I am a patient at Livermore Auto Accident Injury Clinic. When I started, I was a little nervous and I was always having difficulties at working being that I am a landscaper. It was getting difficulty with my lowback to carry out my daily task and even more difficult just spending time at home and being able to play with the family the way I wanted to. I joined here at Livermore Accident Injury Clinic and it has been very wonderful ever since my first adjustment. I've been progressively getting better and they showed me my x-rays and it showed that I had degenerative disc problems and they have being taking care of it. Ever since then, no pain and I would like to say thank you to them for helping me out.

Auto Injury Treatment Livermore
Jeffrey O.

Hi, my name is Alisha and before seeing Doctors at Advanced Health Chiropractic, I was suffering from a lot of headaches, tension, low energy, not really being able to play with my kids as much as I've wanted to. Coming to Advanced Health Chiropractic has really helped tremendously, my headaches have pretty much gone away, I've had a huge improvement just with my energy, and being able to function. I (used to) get out of bed, feeling like I'm so old, but now I feel like I can wake up and start my day, and feel a lot better. My babies have been getting adjusted from the first week they were born. For all the moms that are out there that are wondering about chiropractic or infants, totally do it and it is great for your body.

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Hi, my name is Frank. I have known Doctors at Advanced Health Chiropractic for quite some time and they has told me that they wanted me to come in and see them. I am the just the type of guy that refuses to go see doctors. I was kind of reluctant to it because I've been a very active, 47 year old male that has definitely had his abuse with playing soccer and other things that I do and it finally caught up with me …about 3 months ago. Here I am today sitting at Advanced Health Chiropractic office… been fabulous and have done great things for both me and the rest of my family also. I would highly recommend. If they think they can help you, they most certainly can. With that being said, here I am and I could barely walk in here. Now I'm feeling really good, (I'm) back at the gym. I would like to play soccer again, but my wife won't let me.

Auto Accident Injury Livermore

Hi Guys, I'm Pracilla, I just want to tell you a little about my story. I was a total skeptic coming to Advanced Health Chiropractic. I was in so much pain for 2-3 years in my lower back and my neck area. I finally came in because I tried taking pain killers and tried having my little brother crack my back, [but] nothing would help. When I came in, I started getting a few adjustments. I got to my third adjustment and finally started feeling better… When I would get off work, I would just be totally slouched over because my low back would hurt. …Couldn't drive. Nothing.... [Now] I'm feeling… good and don't 'need' Pain Meds anymore!

Auto Injury Treatment Livermore

Hi, my name is Candice. I have had a lot of back pain in lower back, and upper back, neck, …severe headaches, as well as my legs getting numb... I went to the emergency room and I felt that maybe they could help me but... Not to say they don't know what's going on, but I felt that if I came to a chiropractor, it would be totally different… The first day I came [to Advanced Health Chiropractic], I was in horrible pain. I could barely walk. It felt like I was holding weights on my back. [After my] first adjustment, I slept the best last night, in almost a whole month. I woke up headache-free, I've been having a headache for like two weeks straight, everyday I'd wake up with a slight headache. Coming to [Livermore Auto Accident Injury Clinic] has been the best experience, I've never had a bad experience. I didn't know anything about my back until yesterday… I can't wait for my next [adjustment] because I am feeling so much better. So good job here at [Livermore Auto Accident Injury Clinic].

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